Conflict checking is done within scripts (as coded). For example, if there are 2 potentially conflicting news, the script will wait for both news to be received, calculate the deviations and only after comparing them generate the BUY/SELL signal, unless there is a conflict. Not many existing scripts use this feature, it is most useful for US Nonfarm Payrolls news when also Unemployment Rate % is released. In this case a 0.2 or larger conflict may easily send the price the opposite way and NAT can prevent that (no trade signal).

NAT main focus is on free news sources, currently there are 2 very fast free custom news sources. Trial version supports only MT4 news sources, that are usually too slow for real trading. To be able to receive news faster, please purchase the Full version. You can also use paid news sources with NAT, but to trade profitably any paid services are not required, you can use just free news sources.