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Latest version: 2.61   (date: 26/05/2016)

Trial version can be used for 30 days and is intended for evaluation purposes.

Other limitations:

Filename: NewsAutoTrader-setup.exe   (1.6 MB)

OS: Windows XP or later (Vista / Windows 7-10 / Server 2003-2012 R2), 32/64 bit

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v2.61 (26/05/2016): fixed Canada Employment Change script, updated help file.
v2.6 (03/12/2015): major update of news scripts, updated MT4 news reader and help file.
v2.5 (02/06/2015): fixed MT4 news reader not working with latest MT4 build, max. click count increased to 100, updated US Nonfarm Payrolls script, NewsAutoTrader.dll and help file.
v2.4 (26/01/2015)
: updated help file, other small updates.
v2.3 (12/07/2014): updated help file.
v2.2 (26/06/2014): removed MT4 news source limit in Trial version, updated help file.
v2.1 (31/12/2013): added code that helps fixing problems with MT4 news sources, updated help file, other small updates.
v2.0 (05/11/2013): max. click count increased to 5, can use hotkeys "1" - "5" to select the click number, added support for Unicode path names for script and log files, added "stay on top" option, updated help file.
v1.8 (30/06/2013)
: major update of news scripts.
v1.7 (11/02/2013)
: fixed I/O Error 103 bug, other small updates/fixes.
v1.6 (17/01/2013)
: updated news scripts.
v1.5 (04/12/2012)
: fixed a few bugs, updated news scripts and documentation.
v1.4 (19/06/2012)
: improved MT4 news reader, fixed a few bugs, updated news scripts and documentation.
v1.34 (16/04/2012)
: updated mouse clicker code to use SendInput instead of the superseded mouse_event Windows function, updated help file.
v1.33 (24/03/2012): some fixes.
v1.32 (12/03/2012): some fixes.
v1.3 (07/03/2012):  fixed help file not opening in editor, other small fixes.
v1.2 (28/02/2012):  fixed system tray popup menu bug, updated help file.
v1.1 (25/02/2012):  updated help file.
v1.0 (20/02/2012):  -